Company Profile

Who we are

At STIVA, we develop and operate industrial, commercial and housing projects. We believe in and make ideas come true ensuring their transcendence:


We have more than 20 years of experience operating in the Mexican industrial market. We have 6 industrial parks that are strategically located in the country. Our world class infrastructure, with access to important roads and the attractive facilities make our industrial parks one of the best options for your company. We firmly believe in creating lasting bonds and helping us grow together.


We offer the perfect combination of excellent location, efficient administration and quality service for your projects.

Vertical Developments

We develop Vertical Housing and Mix Use Buildings that offer a creative, avant-garde and intelligent lifestyle to our customers. Our hard work combined with the latest technology and high quality materials, offer the highest capital gain in the market.


We have functional housing developments that allow families enjoy their patrimony. To achieve this, we spend a great amount of time putting attention to every single detail.