At STIVA we’re committed to doing honest and fair business with our suppliers. We provide the highest value in fair competition in the process of evaluation and selection.

Our supplier selection process for the acquisition of goods and services will be executed in a transparent way, based on fair judgement, quality objectives, solvency, opportunity and service fulfilling at all times the internal control guidelines.

We only want to obtain from our supplier the benefits of the same negotiation, without obtaining personal advantages from contract assignment or the acquisition of goods and services.

Code offenses report

Everyone that collaborates with STIVA must report any deviation from our Code of ethics and conduct, all of the received reports will be evaluated objectively and with confidentiality , always seeking to stick to our values and the current laws.
Open communication of situations and queries, without fear of repercussions, is vital for the upholding of the Code of ethics and conduct.

To create a report we have the following means

Transparency hotline: - 81731308 (Voicemail)

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