Job Bank

We are enthusiastic about the abilities and the perspective you can bring to STIVA.

We encourage you to share your curricular information with us and hope there’s an open position in our company that will help you reach your personal and professional goals, while contributing to build the future.
You can make a difference!

Step 1

Send your resume

You start the process. Once you share your resume, it will be uploaded directly to our database.

Attach resume

Our human resources team takes a look at the candidates to identify those whose abilities, formation and experience fulfill the requirements for the job.

Step 2

Resume check

Step 3

Candidate interview

Candidates will be contacted for a phone or face-to-face interview in which their knowledge and skills will be further evaluated.

The person in charge of each job vacancy selects the best qualified candidate for the position, which is offered the job.

If you’re not selected for a specific position, don’t get discouraged. There are constantly new job opportunities and your skills could make you the best candidate for one of them.

Step 4

Selectino decision